If you need an easy-to-use binding machine so your office can create great-looking documents, one product that’s worth a look is the GBC ProClick P110. This device was designed for small offices and it does a great job, even though has a few limitations. Let’s take a closer look at this machine…. Strengths:    The P110 is a great machine to use when you need to quickly create a professionally bound document. This device can bind up to 110 pages using GBC ProClick spines. It’s also compatible with color coil spines, so you can have options when it comes to binding your books.Each unit not only can bind, it can punch as well. The P110’s hole punch can work with 15 sheets at a time, which is a decent punching capacity for this type of device. The punching mechanism even has a Guide Right system so your pages will always be aligned just right so they can punched accurately. (This system will even work with oversized covers.) Although you have to manually punch the paper, it’s easy to do so thanks to a D-shaped handle that’s easy to grip for both right- and left-handed users.ProClick spines are unique in that they allow the pages of a document to lay flat and also be rotated a full 360 degrees.

This makes your documents easier to read. Plus, the spines can be opened even after binding so you can do any necessary editing.This machine has a storage tray for your ProClick spines, as well as a spine selector guide. There are hooks on the top of the machine that can hold a spine so you can add pages to it as you punch them.The P110 has a limited one-year warranty that will cover just about anything that goes wrong with the machine.Weaknesses:    The P110 is a rather bulky device that will probably take up a fair amount of room in your office.

It lacks the sleek styling of some of GBC’s other binding machines such as Pronto P3000.You can only bind letter-sized books with this device, so if you like working with legal-sized or half-size documents, a totally different binding method needs to be considered.Although the 5/8″ ProClick spines can bind up to 125 sheets, this device has a binding capacity of 110. It’s baffling why the P110 can’t bind as many sheets that the spine is capable of securing.Some people are likely to be put off by the limitations of the ProClick spines. They can only bind 125 pages, come in just four colors (black, blue, frost, and white), and were designed to be used with letter-sized documents, as mentioned above. If you don’t care for the size and color options, this isn’t the binding method for you.As you can see, the P110 is a good, basic binding machine that would be a natural choice if your office likes the look and feel of ProClick spines. Although this binding method and machine has some limitations, it’s definitely worth your consideration.If you are interested in this, welcome to visit Automatic Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers